Century III Mall was designed with five 2-story anchor spaces. Orignal anchors included: J. C. Penney, Kaufmann's, Sears, Montgomery Ward, and Gimbels. Although Sears and Gimbels did not open until phase II of the mall's construction in the fall of 1980, one year after the mall had officially opened to the public in October 1979.

The five anchors remained unchanged until 1985, when a bankrupcy forced Montgomery Ward to shutter its Century III location. This gave the Joseph Horne Company of local Pittsburgh the perfect opporotunity to expand its retail market to Pittsburgh's south suburbs. Horne's was originally designated as the fifth anchor store in the mall up until March of 1979, when a yet unknown incident occurred that caused Horne's to be dropped from the mall's lease plans, and the New York based Gimbels chain became the fifth anchor afterward. Gimbels remained in the mall as the fifth anchor until in 1986 BATUS Inc., the company that owned Gimbels decided to close its Gimbels division as it was seen as "only a marginal performer with little potential for increased profitability." The Century III Gimbels was finally closed in 1988 when it was recorded as the last Gimbels in the country to close its doors. After the Gimbels at Century III had closed, it would remain empty for the next four years, except during the holiday seasons when both the upper and lower floors of the former Gimbels store were used as Christmas shops such as Christmas on the Mall and Homespun Craft during the 1990 holiday season. In 1992, both the upper and lower floors of the former Gimbels store were renovated into a smaller anchor space and several other tenant spaces in the mall. One of the most notable of these new non-anchor tenants was Ruby Tuesday in 1992.

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